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Desert & Camel Safari in Rajasthan
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Rajasthan Camel Safari

Horse Safari Tour in Rajasthan

Horse Safari, Safari Tours in RajasthanThe best way to experience Rajasthan is undoubtedly on the back of a horse. A holiday on horseback is one of the best means of sampling the flavour of India's old world hospitality and charm in original ethnic surroundings. Just by opting to ride off the beaten track on an organised horse safari, with any of a growing number of aristocrat entrepreneurs belonging to the erstwhile Royal families of Rajputana, a person can revel in the heady feeling of belonging to a different age, in a timeless and ancient land.
The best way to see the real Rajasthan is to move quietly through the countryside on horseback. On a horse, the traveller can become a part of the landscape, and can visit places a car bound tourist would never see.

What awaits you is an overwhelming and heady experience - no wonder people keep coming back for more. If you choose a Horse Safari as a holiday you will have to bring your own Hard Hats and Boots. A light sweater and jacket are required for the evenings, and don't forget that pair of binoculars. In corresponding with your tour operator, it is a good idea to advise them of your height, weight and riding experience to enable them to match Horse to Rider.

Routes & Trails

Lot of effort and work has gone into surveys for planning the routes for the safaris. We have gone over each area in detail by jeep/horse/truck, and timed our progress and the obstacles. The Lunch halts are well chosen. Eventually we found 4 routes, which were the most interesting

1. Horse Safari 7 Nights 8 Days In Shekhawati Region

Horse Safari, Tour & Travels in RajasthanDay 1 : Nawalgarh - Naharsinghani Lunch Halt - Churi Ajitgarh - 35 km.
Day 2 : Churi Ajitgarh - Mandawa - Mojas - 26 km.
Day 3 : Mojas - Nangli - Dhakas - 35 km.
Day 4 : Dhakas - Mehansar - Takalsar - 35 km.
Day 5 : Takalsar - Fatehpur - 30 km.
Day 6 : Fatehpur - Bibipur - Badi Roru - 33 km.
Day 7 : Badi Roru - Talab - Ganeri - 30 km.
Day 8 : Ganeri - Salasar - 22 km.

2. Horse Safari 7 Nights 8 Days Nawalgarh Shekhawati To Pushkar

Day 1 : Nawalgarh - Parasrampura - Lohargal - 32 km.
Day 2 : Lohargal - Rewasa - Sujas - 38 km.
Day 3 : Sujas - Kochor - Sulyas(Ramgarh) - 35 km.
Day 4 : Sulyas - Shyamgarh - 30 km.
Day 5 : Shyamgarh - Bhagwanpura - Salt lake "Nawa" - 42 km.
Day 6 : Salt lake "Nawa" - Paner - Salemabad - 45 km.
Day 7 : Salemabad - Babicha - Mayapur - 35 km.
Day 8 : Mayapur - Charanwas - Pushker - 25 km.

3. Horse Safari 6 Nights 7 Days From Nawalgarh

Horse Safari, Rajasthan Horse Safari ToursDay 1 : Nawalgarh - Mukandgarh - Dabri - 35 km.
Day 2 : Dabri - Fatehpur - 25 km.
Day 3 : Fatehpur - Bhojsar - 30 km.
Day 4 : Bhojsar - Talchappar - 38 km.
Day 5 : Talchappar - Jaitsar - 17 km.
Day 6 : Jaitsar - Rajaldesar - 20 km.
Day 7 : Rajaldesar - Road Point Lachrasar - 15 km.

Horse Safari 7 Night 8 Days

It including stay and riding at the horse fair Luni to Balotra horse/camel fair with three nights at the fair. (Usually falls in the month of March)
Day 1 : Luni - Satlana.
Day 2 : Satlana - Ghana.
Day 3 : Ghana - Karmawas
Day 4 : Karmawas - Asotra.
Day 5 : Asotra - Balotra fair at Tilwara.
Day 6 : Camp at fair ride / walk around fair.
Day 7 : Camp at fair ride / walk around fair.
Day 8 : Ride around fair till lunch time then departure for Jodhpur/Jaisalmer/ Bikaner.

Camel Safari in Rajasthan

How about an adventure in the golden glowing sands? In case the idea of traveling on the sand under the open sun excites you we have just the right offer for your next great Indian Holiday. Welcome to the charming and colorful royal state of Rajasthan. To get a better insight into the lives and styles of the people in the culturally rich state there is no better option than taking on a camel safari. The ship of the desert makes you sail through the land of the sand. The pace of the safari makes it possible for you to enjoy the minutest of detail in the land of citadels, colors and charming crowds.
The camel safaris in the deserts of India are fast catching up with the masses and have become the Camel Safari Rajasthan, Safari Tour Packagesfastest selling adventure holidays. The theme of the adventure attracts all the daredevils who have a passion to experience India as it is. The hardships in the course of the safari go hand-in-hand with the novel manner of seeing the dry desert areas. The nature is at its hardest in the safari without unending stretches of wilderness that are in abundance in the deserts of Sahara and Namibia. In India the camel safari offers a lot more of fun and adventure. The area is a lot more accessible than its counterparts owing to the airports and railway stations that are close at hands to most of the popular sand dunes. The variety of safaris offered by the Great Indian Desert is simply dazzling. You may take your pick from the short treks around the joyous town of Jaisalmer or take on an extensive trip on the terrific Thar. The journey is bound to remind you of the Lawrence of Arabia on his epic journey across the Sahara, or probably of Marco Polo, on the historic silk route or even a medieval trader leading his caravan through the hostile spice route or a royal caravanserai heading for one of the medieval kingdoms.
The history is dotted with tales of adventure in the Great Indian Desert. How about holidaying in the hot and happening Thar? The desert safaris in India are centered on the princely kingdoms in the desert belt of India namely Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Bikaner, all of which are integral to the royal state of Rajasthan. Besides offering the awesome view of the open desert sands the camel safari is a great way to get introduced to the villages and the wildlife.

Camel Safari, Rajasthan Safari Travel PackagesThe architectural heritage of Rajasthan is best covered in the camel safari. It is owing to the trade caravans across the desert of India that the trade prospered. The nobility invested the gains in the construction of the mansions, citadels, forts and palaces. Sandstone formed the basic material used in the making these masterpieces of art that are today nothing more than the ruins.
A typical safari will take you to the architectural ruins of Lodurva that are close to Jaisalmer. The oasis at Anasagar, the sand dunes of the Samm and the water source of Moolsagar are exquisite examples of the lives of the villagers. After the sailing safari through the day the nights are meant for entertainment and rest. The halts in the en-route villages amidst the desert scrubs for camels are out of the world adventures.

If the adventure in the sand along with the sun beckons you take care of the extreme temperatures likely to be experienced during the safari. The afternoons are as hot as 30 degrees though later at night the temperature may drop down to as low as zero degrees. Thus you should be adequately equipped with the cotton and the woolen clothing. The clothes should be comfortable for the journey sans the luxuries but at the same time should consider the values of the rural habitants who will be visited in the villages.

Camel Safari Travels,  Rajasthan Travel VacationThe regular use of the large rimmed sun hats is mandatory. These may be replaced with the cotton caps, which are dipped in water when it gets too hot around midday. The ways and the means to beat the heat will be invented throughout the course of the day in the desert. For the protection of the skin the scarves or balaclava may be worn around the neck and the forehead. The camel safari friendly umbrellas are easily available at Jodhpur. Your list of must carry and must apply will be topped with the sunscreen creams, moisturizers and the lip salve. While on the dry desert safari the adventure will be enjoyable if the water bottle is kept close at hand. The mineral water may be collected from Jodhpur or Jaisalmer. Basic medicines and suitable medication against the swaying gait of the camel but be carried. Do not forget to take A torch and a knife along. These will prove to be useful when handy.

After the adventure in the Great Indian Desert all of you will start believing in the age-old adage that it's the slow and steady that wins the race. Happy safari, hope the caravanserai will be as charming as the camel.

Highlight :

Places Covered in India - Jaisalmer
Duration - 04 Nights / 05 Days

Day 1 :
Jaisalmer - The Camel Safari
Camel, Rajasthan Travel PackagesYou are given a royal welcome by our representative. when you reach the desert city of Jaisalmer. There after you are transferred to the hotel. Here we will see the following places: - The fort, Gadsisar lake, Patwon ki haveli & Salim Singh ki haveli. Overnight stay at hotel.

Day 2 :
Jaisalmer - The Camel Safari
· The adventure starts this morning with an excursion to the Sam sand dunes. It is said that no visit to Jaisalmer is complete without a trip to the most picturesque dunes of Sam. You will be taken to an adventurous & romantic camel safari of 2 nights & 3 days. Lunch & dinner enroute camel safari. Overnight stay at camps.

Day 3 :
Jaisalmer - The Camel Safari
We will continue with the camel safari today. Lunch & dinner enroute camel safari. Overnight stay at camps.

Day 4 :
Jaisalmer - Romantic Sunset on Sand Dunes
We will continue with the camel safari today. Lunch & dinner enroute camel safari. Overnight stay at camps.

Day 5 :
Jaisalmer - Romantic Sunset on Sand Dunes
On the last day of our tour we start for an excursion to Desert national park (45 kms). This park has a prominence fauna which includes - the Blackbuck, Chinkara, Desert fox and the great Indian Bustard.

Jeep Safari in Rajasthan

Jeep Safari, Rajasthan Tour PackageThe thrill and excitement of Jeep Safari in the deserts of Rajasthan are unparalleled. Jeep Safaris are one of the fastest ways of surveying the colorful Thar Desert. Not only will you come across stark desert landscape but you will also pass through quaint little desert villages and by embarking on a Jeep Safari you are provided with a lifetime's opportunity to explore the hidden charms of some of India's most remote and colorful villages.

Rajasthan is replete with ruins of forts, temples, wildlife and tribal dominated areas all of which can be explored through a Jeep Safari. Some of the most popular Jeep Safari routes in Rajasthan are Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. As you embark on the adrenaline pumping Jeep Safari in Rajasthan, you are transported to a whole new world of stark and desolate landscape full of breathtaking sand dunes and every now and then you come across tiny villages, which are a riot of colors.
You travel in the daytime and cover approximately 150 kms. on an average every day. Bear in mind that most of the time you will be traveling on off-the-beaten-path roads which are not very well developed and often you even venture into the countryside. But do not worry as you will be provided with an expert navigator with years of experience under his belt and well versed about the various desert routes.
Jeep Safari Tour,  Rajasthan Safari Tour & TravelsApart from the amazing landscape, you will be surprised with the cultural diversity of the desert villages. The vast distances between each settlement means that each village or hamlet has its own distinct cultural ethos and way of life all of which adds up to the incredible folk diversity.
There are certain stretches of the desert where you won't hear the jingle of bells as camels or sheep wend their paths from village to village. And with them go the hardy people of this part of the world and centuries of tradition follow in their steps.
Here the hot sun makes the ground tremble with mirages and sand dunes shift uneasily before the hot winds. The sundown come in fiery colors and with it comes the desert night, cold and ablaze with starlight. All these and much, much more awaits you when you embark on an enchanting Jeep Safari in the deserts of Rajasthan.

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